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For health industries

The GSA Method is declined in 3 steps :





We first need to talk with you to understand your context and your organization. Together, we seek to specify what are your objectives in terms of profiles and skills.


According to your objectives, we offer you an adapted recruitment solution (new talents recruitment, identification, assessment and ressources development).


For 35 years, GSA Healthcare always got the ambition to support its pharmaceutical laboratories partners in the talents selection. True ally of general management, GSA Healthcare is the specialist of Healthcare sales talents recruitment. The consulting team uses dedicated sourcing tools. To ensure a customer and candidate experience of quality, GSA Healthcare relies on a solid innovation culture in order to anticipate market trends.


Life Sciences Recruitment GSA Healthcare

Life Sciences Recruitment

The Recruitment service is dedicated to Healthcare companies seeking for new talents to support their development. GSA Healthcare offers a HR support in the recruitment process with the experienced support of its recruitment department.
We support you in each steps, we take care of your new talents recruitment (direct approach, GSA Healthcare CV Library, social networks).

  • Direct approach

  • GSA Healthcare CV library

  • Social network

  • Recruitment ads

The GSA Healthcare support

Accompagnement GSA Healthcare

The GSA Healthcare support takes place throughout the entire recruitment process : from consulting to talents identification, interviews conducting and assessments, a decision-making support, integration follow-up.
A few examples of position : Regional manager, Business manager, hospital representative, pharmaceutical representative…



  • SALES<br/>& MARKETING GSA Healthcare





Train and support its employees - GSA Healthcare

Train and support its employees

Skills development specialist, GSA Formation offers you a training catalog and a certified cycles range.
Our formation service aims to answer perfectly to Pharmaceutical company’s needs for their teams and managers development.

  • Promotion to physicians and pharmacists

  • Scientific and medical training

  • Regulatory environment

  • Sales training techniques

GSA Formation proposes to laboratories educational devices leading to degrees and certifications in order to train and develop employees.
GSA Formation is one of training centers recognize to train and prepare to medical reps degree, to pharmaceutical reps trade certificate, in Professional Contract or in VAE (Validation of Acquired Expérience), as well as the competency in pharmacy promotion certificate (Attached to medical promotion –APM). Furthermore, GSA Formation also delivers custom-made training, adapted to each laboratory on the regulatory, scientific and medical concepts (environment, product).

  • Medical Reps degree

    With Professional Contract or Validation of Acquired Expérience (VAE)

  • Pharmaceutical Reps Trade certificate

    With Professional Contract or VAE

  • Customised in-house training regarding regulation and medicines
  • Competency in pharmacy promotion certificate

    Attached to medical promotion