B2B Promotion and Sales expert

For health industries

The GSA Methodology is declined in a 3 steps work:





We first need to talk with you to understand your environment and your business organization. Together, we seek to specify what are your needs and objectives in terms of organization, distribution and promotion : buy&sell, sales development, targeting, business performance, merchandising and products preference (sell-out stimulation).

  • What is your business organization?
  • How do you distribute your products ?
  • To which health actors do you promote your products?
  • Which medical specialty do you work with ?
  • Do you set up a promotional and/or business strategy to key accounts and KOL ?
  • Do you need to stimulate the officinal sell-out ?
  • What are your sales objectives ?


During this second step, GSA Healthcare proposes an organization and a business strategy (promotion, referencing, support tools) in coherence with your distribution and visibility objectives (medical promotion, sell in to pharmacy, digital…).
Before the operational deployment, GSA Healthcare proposes a testing operation - a market insights - to validate the promotional device, the potential, and development objectives.


GSA Healthcare set up the designed organization to a specific target to carry the promotional and business development (buy&sell, stock control, marketing plan, medical promotion, sell in to pharmacy and parapharmacy, officinal teams coaching).


Foster your brands to develop them toward healthcare professionals

France - Belgium

GSA distribution France / Belgique

The distribution service is dedicated to laboratories wishing to outsource their brand management in France and/or in Belgium. The partnership includes at once Brand management (Strategy –Marketing – Business Plan), Buy&Sell (Distribution, P&L guidance, promotion, communication) and supply chain guidance (Supply, stock management, reporting).
Brands capitalize on business development expertise of GSA Healthcare to carry their development daily to physicians, pharmacists, key accounts, etc.

Medical promotion

Promote your products to medical professionals

The « Medical Promotion » service is adressed to pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical companies wishing to promote their products to general practionners and/or specialists.
GSA Healthcare proposes to laboratories a medical visit service through medical representatives and « attached to medical promotion » salesforce trained to your products (Dedicated or syndicated/vacancy teams). Our medical representatives are experts in all categories : specialties, OTC, medical devices, food supplements…

promotion médicale

GSA Healthcare ensures a visibility to 25 000 general practionners or specialists, private and public. GSA Healthcare is part of a responsible promotion strategy to healthcare professionals in accordance with medical promotion regulatory compliance (HAS referential).

Our quality policy

Charter of medical promotion

Referential of certification

Conformity certificate to HAS referential

Sell in to pharmacy

Promote your pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products

promotion Pharmacie

GSA Healthcare supports pharmaceutical companies in their omnicanal distribution (wholesalers, pharmacies, parapharmacies, key accounts) on issues of brand launch, dynamization, visibility development with the business performance as main objective.
For this, GSA Healthcare relies on an expert managerial and operational organization :

  • Experienced and involved sales forces (dedicated or syndicated)
  • Key accounts department
  • Call center
  • Customer service
  • Relayed by the digital offer Lifetouch

POS coaching

Boosting your sales thanks advising and cross selling

Coaching Point de vente

A pharmacy team well trained is a key success factor for a brand. It’s necessary for the team to be product expert (from a technical and a business point of view) to develop brand preference and cross selling. Expert coaches are directly training in the point of sale for laboratories.

Digital promotion - Lifetouch

Strengthen the links between laboratories and pharmacists to bring value to patient consumers

promotion mixte

The Lifetouch platform is build to make all contacts fluid between points of sales, laboratories and GSA Healthcare. It’s builded around interactive spaces (products training, promotion, contacts and customer service) to interact with pharmacies and parapharmacies 24h/7. Each action is monitor with quantified reporting.

Lifetouch covers around 16 500 pharmacies and parapharmacies. The cumulated audience is more of 14 500 points of sales. Impact measures confirm the tool legitimacy. Between news and products informations, Lifetouch is today a referral partner in the relationship between GSA Healthcare, laboratories and pharmacies/parapharmacies.

The message and offers construction is delegated to an expert department under the responsability of a GSA Healthcare consultant. GSA Healthcare support each campaign with consulting assistance. From the project management to the reporting passing through setting and testing phases.