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GSA methodology instructions


At the core of the project; your context and your issues


GSA will propose a range of solutions in order to test and adapt your marketing and sales strategy


Ensure the salesforce roll-out combines all the key success factors

Medical Promotion

« Outsource your medical promotion »
promotion médicale

We roll out a responsible medical promotion toward health practitioners, in respect of the French regulation.

Sell in to pharmacy

« Outsource your commercial organisation »
promotion Pharmacie

Methodology and structured organisation, focused on the management of the sales performance.

POS Coaching

« A well trained officinal team is the key factor of trademark success for 89% of Pharmacies »
*Source: Expansion-Consulteam study, April 2017
Coaching Point de vente

Technical and commercial knowledge by the officinal team of the products portfolio.

Mixed Promotion

« Choose a synergistic approach with healthcare professionals »
promotion mixte

An organised structure and a global approach focused on performance development.

Ensure the promotion toward healthcare professionals

Management réseaux pharmacies

Promotion toward GP , specialists and others physicians (private and public practitioners)

Rely on the methodology, the organisation and the know-how of GSA HEALTHCARE :

  • Organisational consulting
  • Mapping and sectorisation
  • Data management and reporting
  • Charter of medical promotion
  • Referential of the High Authority of Health (HAS) Certification
  • Quality policy of GSA Healhcare
  • Pharmacovigilance - Claim

Our Quality policy

Referential of certification

Charter of medical promotion

Conformity certificate to HAS referential

Increase your direct sales

Take advantage of experts to support the organisation and roll-out of your distribution strategy

  • Reps Teams (face to face and call center)
  • Key Accounts (purchasing groups, wholesalers)
  • Customer service
  • Targeting and prospecting plan
  • Scheduling
  • Performance management
Management réseaux pharmacies

Stimulate the Sell-out

The operational offer for SELL OUT : point of sales coaching

  • Provide a technical, scientific and medical training to the entire officinal team
  • Technical mastery of the products
  • Collect qualifying data: merchandising, environment…
  • Sales training: ensure the team knows the selling pitch
  • Build up the brand preference